Dr. Nicolas Gendron-Parra


Dr. Nicolas Gendron-Parra
Dr. Nicolas Gendron-Parra Veterinarian

An avid outdoorsman and lover of large bodies of water, it was in 2012 that Nicolas chose to become a veterinarian. Having already undertaken a bachelor's degree in kinesiology, he changed the course of his career to graduate from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2018. His affinity with water and more importantly aquatic species being ever present, he nevertheless dedicates his daily practice to feline and canine medicine. Generous with his time and genuine with his clients, Nicolas cherishes the place that animals occupy in our daily lives and makes it his mission to develop a lasting client-patient-veterinarian relationship. 

A newcomer to MTLVET, Dr. Gendron-Parra works regularly in emergency and intensive care at the Daubigny Veterinary Center in Quebec City, while trying to maintain a close link with our team in Montreal. His presence is very much appreciated on the consultation floor, and it is with fervor that he prioritizes the well-being of his team and his clientele through effective communication.  

He is currently working in our Verdun and Ville-Émard locations.