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Bloodwork is a great way to detect anything unusual in your cat or dog's blood. It can be done during a routine examination, if necessary, or when your pet isn't feeling well and a simple visual diagnosis isn't enough. Blood tests are used to monitor the progression of disease, but also for prevention. They're fast and effective and give our team important information about your pet's overall health.

When are they needed?

Blood tests are needed to monitor your cat or dog's overall health and are useful to our team at different points in your pet's life. For example, before a surgical procedure, we do bloodwork to make sure that everything is under control and there are no general anesthesia contraindications. Blood tests provide important information for understanding and diagnosing disease. We also use them to make sure your furry friend is healthy.

Is having blood taken painful for my pet?

It's no different for your pet than it is for a person. The pain they feel is comparable to yours. It may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but the discomfort quickly fades after the blood is taken.

How often should my pet have bloodwork done?

There's no set frequency for blood tests. Although they're automatically done before a surgical procedure, the rest of the time it depends on their needs. We might take a blood sample during your pet's annual checkup. If they seem sick, bloodwork can find what's causing the issue.

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