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Veterinary Examination

A veterinary examination is useful in many situations. The most regular one is the annual exam, when our team does a complete examination to check your pet's overall health and see if there's anything unusual going on. A veterinary examination can also be done in more urgent situations. For example, if your pet suddenly has a health problem, we'll examine them to determine the cause and treat them accordingly.

Why should my pet have an annual veterinary checkup?

The best treatment is prevention! By examining your pet every year, we can monitor their overall health. It also allows us to keep an eye on any medical conditions and treat them appropriately. The annual checkup is also a way to catch any medical problems early and treat them before they progress.

What is a veterinary exam?

A veterinary checkup is an evaluation of your pet's overall health. We take a look at their weight, temperature, mouth, eyes, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints and ears. We also examine their skin to see if there's redness or any abnormal patches. If you have any questions about your pet, the routine checkup is the best time to ask. If needed, we'll do a more thorough examination.

How often are veterinary checkups recommended?

Veterinary checkups are usually done annually. However, depending on your pet's health and medical conditions, more frequent visits may be recommended. Our team will advise you on this.

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